3 Mistakes I made on Instagram

3 Mistakes I made on Instagram

3 years ago, when I started my small business, I just had an idea. And an idea is nothing without a plan.

Fast forward to this day, I have a plan and implementing it like a boss.

So listed below are a few common mistakes that I made growing my business, so you would not have to 😉

1. Not posting regularly

I was just starting out and numerous times I would pass hours and even  days looking for inspiration and observing trends so I could fill the gaps  in my business, but to not have a target and looking for solution was  where it was going all wrong. Posting regularly is what worked out for me the best.

Here are some ideas which you could use to have a consistency:

• Posting AMAs on story every Sunday. Trend it as #secretspillingsunday to hook the audience.
• BTS of your business.
• Sneak peak of your upcoming products or campaigns.
• Reels and carousels.
• Mini vlogs (they’re trending)

2. Not Planning Content

This is one thing I’ve had a very hard time doing. I absolutely cannot highlight the importance of batching and planning content.

What worked out for me is creating batched content and then planning it accordingly. Create a schedule for yourself. Once you are through with this, voila! You are good to go.

3. Only focusing on Sales

Amul sells you your childhood. And Nutella have people actually believing that it’s okay to have chocolate for breakfast.

Former has storytelling at its best and the latter has solid marketing.  Club the two and you got an unbeatable strategy to generate sales. Story telling is of utmost importance. More than selling a product, sell an emotion.

Tell people why to buy instead of what to buy.

Give your dream business a go now! You’re all set. You might be just a doubt away from changing your life.

Tie your hair, and gear up!


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